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Gift Basket Donations

Thanks for asking us to help our local community and nonprofit organizations!

We love that our ice cream is a cherished prize and wish we could contribute to every group that requests a donation. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate every request.

To be considered for a donation, please:

  • Drop off your donation request in person at our location

  • The request should be on your organization letterhead and include event name, date and location.

  • At least three weeks prior to your event.

Please keep in mind:

  • If your request is denied, it is not a reflection on your organization or our relationship with it.

  • If we have said "yes" in the past, it's not guaranteed that we will be able to contribute to your organization this time.

  • Likewise, if we have said "no" in the past, it does not necessarily mean we will say "no" again.

  • We can support you when you support us.

We look forward to helping your organization!

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