Hand-Packed Ice Cream Cakes

7 in.....Serves 8 People
8 in.....Serves 10 People
9 in.....Servers 12 People
10 in.....Serves 16 People
12 in.....Serves 20 People
1/2 Sheet Cake.....Serves 28 People 
Full Sheet Cake.....Severs 40 People
You can call (203) 269-1869 and order your cake today!
*We need at least 24 hours for cake sizes 7in - 10 and 72 hours for our 1/2 sheet and full sheet cakes!*
Premade Ice cream cakes:
Don't have 24 hours notice?
We also have premades!
Sizes are 7, 8 and 9 inches with Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream with oreo crumbs in the middle with either chocolate or vanilla fudge trim.
We can still write on a premade!
What goes into our cakes?
First, choose what size you would like your cake to be 
Next, choose two of your favorite ice creams with options of, Oreo Crumbs, Vanilla Crumbs or Fudge!
Then, let us know what you would like written on the cake and in what color!
Would you like to add a edible image?
Next, choose your preference on either chocolate or vanilla fudge for the trim of the cake!
The process of our Hand-packed cakes in photographs

Tightly pack the first flavor

Next, we add our oreo crumbs in the center

Then, we pack the second flavor

Finally, we smooth it out and wait for it to become solid

(typically overnight)


Once solid, we are able to decorate and have it ready for pick up!